Who uses ‘Hanasizer’

My 3rd grader sometimes gets to assist the kindergarten class.

“Mom, today, I helped them after the potty to make sure they use soap and water, and not the ‘hanasizer’… and…”

“Honey, I’ve told you before… it’s hand sanitizer.”

completely exasperated for me interrupting her story:  Hanasizer

“I know, mom… it’s easier to just say ‘hanasizer.'”

I agree, and others must too, because a version of the word already exists in the Urban Dictionary… under “hanatizer” – someone that can’t get the words “hand sanitizer” out fast enough so they have to shorten it to “Hanatizer”

Except we like it with an S.

Try it, rolls off the tongue so much easier … “Hanasizer.”  Yup, that’s an acceptable vocabulary word in our house.


14 thoughts on “Who uses ‘Hanasizer’

  1. I think your daughter is a Madison Avenue pitchman disguised as a 3rd grader! She sounds like she’ll be pitching your products here a second now. I knew this blog was too good to be true. You hooked us all with this straight talk and BAM! Now I want a bottle of this magic elixir, what’ya charging… $19.95? Oh god I’m hooked!


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