Paper Clips are going to save the World

So, I was surfing the WordPress blog net, and came across this post, which got me to thinking about people and their personalities.

Which reminds me of a guy… (how many times have we said that?)

One of my many jobs in life, was as an adminstrator/office manager.  I was in charge of ordering office supplies.  One particular person, kept coming to me each week and requesting more paperclips.

“Didn’t I just order you a package of 10 boxes two weeks ago?  Did you really go through all those clips already?”

He insisted he needed more.  I knew nothing of his job, so figured maybe he’s clipping a lot of material together and sending off in package to customers for the president of the company.  It became a regular order every two weeks… so I stopped thinking about the large project he must be working.

Eventually, there was a large law suit, that our company was found at fault, and they lost a lot of business.  Hence, layoffs were inevitable.  They kept me on until they closed the doors,  and had me clear out desks as people left.

One day, it was the paperclip guy’s desk.  I opened his drawer, lots of paperclips shined back at me.  I opened another drawer, and another, and another…  The mystery increased… every drawer had several paper bowls and paper coffee cups filled with paper clips of every size and color.  He was hoarding them.  They weren’t being used!  Was this dude afraid of a paperclip shortage?  Did one day he go to look for a paperclip and couldn’t find one and exclaimed:

“Curse, you paperclips!  I will order you and I will have every size and color known to man so I never have to search for a paperclip again!”

 Was he planning to build a new type of ARK that GOD told him would only survive the apocalypse if built of this particular substance?  Since the rainbow promises it won’t be by flood again; Will it be by fire and enough of these clips stacked won’t melt?

Damn it, now where is he… I need to find him and confirm if this is the case.  I need to get my kid to start building…he’s good with those Legos, I’m sure we can easily switch it to paper clips.  Don’t be surprised if you can no longer come across them after this post, the jig is up, and everyone will be building their own arks to withstand some fiery death.  You know, just in case…

Or maybe he just wanted to make this piece of artwork?  And didn’t have enough for the last leg?  It will always be a mystery.

Paper Clip Guy



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