Enroll for Zombie school

Walking DeadWHAT is the fascination with Zombies?  I don’t get it.  My husband said

“because they are cool!”

We’ve been recording the Walking Dead series and watching it with our 11-year-old.  He loves this show.  So, as we were putting it on the other night, both my husband and I joked.

See… how is that these zombies are sneaking up on people and surprising them?  They certainly aren’t quiet with all that moaning they do.  So we started making our zombie imitation noises and my husband snorts to which I remarked:

“That isn’t a zombie sound.”

“You’re right.  I need to go to Zombie school.”

Which of course leads to hey, there they would teach them the proper moaning techniques, and walking and falling down.  (Nope, you didn’t fall down right, try again- use those chompers!)

Then my husband said, “I wonder how good we’d be at zombie-hood if it happened in real life?  Would we be one of the slow zombies that get axed in the head right away?” 

Yeah, I’d probably have my head cut off by a sword chick, like Michonne.  She’s bad ass and one of the best characters!  The actor (I don’t think they go by ‘actress’ any longer?) Danai Gurira is a perfect fit for that role.

Yup, I’d suck at being a zombie, for sure.  I probably wouldn’t be feasting on too many live folk.  If there were a school, I’d have to enroll, you know…just in case that’s the result of the apocalypse…because I would want to be good at being undead.


5 thoughts on “Enroll for Zombie school

    1. I don’ t know what season we’re on- I think just 1. We watched and stopped. Started again, but my son wanted to watch…so we started from the very beginning. I’m blogging while they are watching now. 🙂


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