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image of frustrated girl at laptopAS I have been cruising the WordPress sites, I’m dismayed to find everything quickly becoming like Facebook.  Everyone seems to be “liking” posts, and quickly “following,” not taking time to comment and I’m wondering if any of these posts are truly being read or anything past what is shown on the summary “read” page.  They just want you to hurry and go to their site.

Here’s a promise to my readers. At this site, you will never find:

  • someone who is an aspiring writer (or photo journalist).  Nope, don’t care about publishing a book one day.  And I won’t be shamelessly plugging you to buy something on amazon.  Although, everyone’s grammar could improve, particularly mine, I don’t care about writer workshops.  I don’t need grammar or writing lessons because those classes were already taken in college.  If I’m still performing poorly, then…it doesn’t matter – because I’m not writing a novel!  However, I do agree on the following:  when I’m reading your posts, please capitalize the letter I, when referring to yourself.  Lower cased “i’s” is very irritating.  AND DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPS.  I don’t need you shouting at me early in the morning or at the end of my day.  It’s not nice.  And do you know how many blogs are dedicated to photography?  My photos will be pertaining to my post subject and only 1 or two tops.


  • Someone who is an aspiring merchant– trying to sell you goods and asking you to visit my etsy page, or Craigslist.  Yes, your items are probably cute, but if I’m in the market to purchase something, I’ll look you up.  I don’t need reminding every second.  And No, I don’t want to be your Facebook friend.  You haven’t even gotten to know me yet, we’re not commenting on one another blogs regularly and developing a friendship.  Why would I want you to see all my posts and pictures of my family?  So that I can be bombarded with your posts to buy your goods/book/diet product.  If you have a good product, people will buy it and the word will get out…


  • Someone who is driven to grow their followers, or number of times someone has clicked on my blog for the purpose of being paid for marketing or advertising.  The likelihood of you gaining 1,000,000 followers to show Disneyland and get freebies is very unlikely.  (Yes, I already know some super power mom blogs that began at the very beginning of this blogging phenom that have this deal with Disneyland.) but there are thousands of blogs like this and maybe 2 or 3 have this deal – my promise to you- If I click the “like” button on your post/comment  this is crazy I know… it’s because I actually like your post.  Most of the time, I will probably provide a genuine comment along with my like because I can relate somehow, someway to your topic.  Or maybe your post made me “feel” something.  Whether I laughed or cried or felt pissed off for you.


  • constant melancholy or angry posts- no one wants to read that all the time- so when I do post something like that, it’s because I need to vent at that point, and hopefully, I’ve developed a rapport with my readers that they know not every post will be that way.  So they don’t mind being supportive.

This list could go on and on… but those are the general topics.  I’m trying to keep my “word count” down because GOD forbid, no one wants to read 1,000 words.  If you are a published writer, then you have the skills for such writing and probably worth the read.  But, let’s face it, most of those bloggers posting  1,000 words is about 700 words too long. (or 627 as it is in this case.) 🙂


18 thoughts on “Blogger Purpose

  1. I pressed the like button, started following your blog, but in my defense I did read this post and I’m commenting. I wanted to come by and say thank you for the very funny comment on my latest post. I’ve been singing the tune “Its a Small World After All” ever since, all the while substituting lyrics from the Ewoks song. Oh if only Marty had showed… the damage i could have done. Whoops sorry about that small i—but no apostrophe’ s! I apologize for the capital letters I used in my post, but DISNEY IS REALLY BUILDING A DEATH STAR! I’m sure of it… almost. But your quite right, that’s not nice using all capital letters, but I had to shout that revelation to someone and you just happened by. I was thrilled to see you were not promoting your latest novel here (do you have one?), trying to sell me a bill of goods (whaddya have and how much is it?), or cry on my virtual shoulder. But I was delighted you came by—really I was, and I’m not fishing for a full page endorsement, but I wouldn’t turn one down—and I better stop this response before I hit a thousand words, and prove that I can’t write for a living. Now you know why my blog expects nothing but laughs in return. I like your simple, but straight-forward approach here. :O)


    1. I can see where you might think I was referrencing your work personally… nope. I am seriously talking about the fact I’ve spent several hours perusing sites, looking for new blogging friends. Some sites I quickly moved on…

      I do enjoy your work. I’m, of course, generalizing on this blog post. You, dear sir, would never fall into these catergories or if you do- I don’t seem to mind. 🙂 And darn, I probably over-use those commas or misuse apostophies, I do try to catch those and “edit, edit, edit,” as quickly as possible. If my grammar instructor were looking over my blogging shoulder, she would be grimmacing often, let me tell you.

      P.S. The ALL CAPS was referrencing those posts ALL IN CAPS the entire post. One sentence to make it stand out, is quite fine and works for the post. Just like those that type in all CAPS in their e-mails at work. It’s not professional.


    2. I truly enjoyed your response. Please forgive me having a little fun with your post. I really do butcher grammar, especially when it comes to punctuation, but I know it. And my blog is dedicated to one thing, all things funny, or true nonsense. But I did take note of of many of the points you made, because I have seen them too. I’m very happy my blog makes you laugh. :O)

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  2. It’s nice to find a blog that’s just a blog and nothing more. Just a little hint though, when you leave comments on other people’s blogs when you are logged into yours your name will appear as a link so there is no need to add a link into the comment. Sometimes links in the comment will send your comment to the spam file – particularly if there is more than one link in it. Of course if you want to send people to a specific post you need a link to that post as the name link will send people to the blog in general. I’m not trying to criticize, just to be helpful because the comment you put on my blog seemed to mention a specific post – at least I took it as a reference to a project, but the link went to your blog in general and not to a post on a kid’s project.


    1. Yes, I know that- I actually have another blog that I’m slowly phasing out and I’m trying to remember not to link to that one.. so that’s why. I actually do know about all that you stated. I used to blog frequently 2 years ago when out of work. I was simply attempting to introduce myself to you. reminding myself to identify me under the new blog.


    1. Oh, I know- I was laid off and out of work for 3 years. That’s how I got into blogging, and I got to do a couple of things (via another parent through my kids’ school) who saw my posts. But, that didn’t last long and not enough to really supplement the income. I became part of the blogger association in Orange County and our mixers were a waste of time… everyone trying to market themselves without listening to others. it was awful as far as the “networking” side of things. There was always someone better, more cutting edge, funnier… so many moms and half of them had Disney blogs. (ugh.)

      I did mystery shopping for a while. You might want to do that. The best paying ones are Apartment jobs. If you do good reports, they request you. They are always secret shopping and ensuring their leasing agents are doing things correctly.


  3. What a refreshing post! I’m relatively new to the WordPress community and often find myself wondering the same thing about the “Like” button. Nice to know I’m not the only one.


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