Always late to the game, but make it eventually

Starbucks restaurant

I’m the person, “Hey, did you know…” and those around me either collectively as a group, groan (or at least one person states):

“You just discovered that?”  (um, yeah?  Pretty neat, huh?)

It’s the same thing with reading books or seeing movies…even t.v. shows, I can never really “spoil” anything that others haven’t already discussed a million times over… movies/tv are recorded or watched on Netflix- no need to list “Spoiler alert,” when I finally talk about them.

Startbucks free coffeeSo, it was this way the first time a Starbuck’s employee told me about their program of buying their product at the supermarket, to bring in the empty bag in exchange for a small complimentary cup as a loyal customer reward.

I can’t tell you how excited I was and went home to exclaim to my husband and show him.  Yes, what a clever marketing idea.  You can bet, this makes me choose their product when in the aisle of many coffees and they are all expensive.

I read a little more on that Starbucks blog post, and someone commented that you do have to use within the month from a date listed on the bag.  Another commenter said to empty it in to air tight container (we put ours in the freezer) and then take the bag in to the local Starbucks.  That’s a good idea.  Pretty neat, huh?


5 thoughts on “Always late to the game, but make it eventually

  1. This post describes me exactly. I’m always three steps behind when it comes to pop culture. I’ll get invested in a TV show … but only 10 years after it’s been off the air. Or else I’ll start listening to a certain band … only to find out they broke up when I was in diapers. I’m looking forward to the day when I start texting and using that new-fangled Facebook website.


    1. That is hysterical! I’m right there with ya… except I did venture onto Facebook pretty quickly only because we have family in other states and that was better than an expensive phone call. 🙂 Hit me in my pocketbook and I’m there. Give me a cell phone that can text/take pics and that’s it- don’t need other applications. Download what app? Oh, that sounds like work. Now I gotta figure that out, what?

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  2. I’m nicknamed ‘the dinosaur’ by loved ones. I did a little research and I figured out we are going in the right pace, it’s not really our fault that everything around us is basically going all *swooosh*(that’s supposed to mean supersonic speed, obviously).


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