Rayvon needs to sing Leavon- and then Leavon


American Idol- Joey and RayvonAmerican Idol Fan?  We record it because it’s a good family show to watch as entertainment on Friday evenings with our kids.  (that and the Voice- which my 9 year old has stated she likes better, I might have to agree)

With that said, my husband and I cracked up at the whole Joey vs. Rayvon thing.  Although cute, smooth voice (and really nice teeth), honestly Rayvon bores the heck out of us.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy.  But I’m a huge Joey Fan, and as we were waiting for the results and rethinking how  Rayvon’s first performance was, my husband states:

“It was too much of a ‘Donnie and Marie’ like performance.  Kinda like people putting their hands in the air (and does Jazz hands) So Goofy.”

In hopes Rayvon was leaving, I said,

“Hmmm.  How funny would it have been if he chose for his goofy song to sing Leavon, but instead of Leavon, he inserted his name… 

…Rayvon, Rayvon, likes his money…” 

Come one, everyone sing along to that Elton John tune…no disrespect to Rayvon, but I can’t believe he won by 2%.  Dang it recorded t.v.  I would have voted.  Joey is so entertaining and  I looked forward each week to seeing what she’d do next.  I’ll miss her.


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