You’re HIRED- some undetermined day in the future

What is the DEAL?

Is anyone else stuck in TEMP HELL?

Aggravated lady with poem on temping

To  live in Southern California, we need to be a dual income family.  Like many, both my husband and I have been laid off, a couple of times now and simultaneously.  Financially speaking, we never recovered.  When my unemployment checks ceased, there was no option to remain home.

However, there was a “new” element to our situation, this particular “Sales” position my husband has had a few years now, requires travel and in the Spring it is frequent.  So I needed a flexible job or temp work to make ends meet enabling me to still care for the kids whenever dad was out-of-town.  Since paying for child care would cancel out my checks, off I went to a Staffing Agency to find work to suit my schedule.

Lucky me I interviewed for a 3-4 week job just across the street!  The supervisor quickly changed his mind to 3-4 months because no one knew when the gal was returning from maternity leave.  In my excitement, I worked very hard to impress and was successful.  After the return of the employee, I was told they had plenty of work to keep me on for a while.  (Okay,  Awesome! If I could get hired, then we could arrange for an afterschool program for the kids.)

Continuing to work very diligently, I became the “GO TO” person for everything, and created procedures and really got our Quality Assurance department organized.  I was told it was just a matter of time before I would be hired, that they DEFINITELY thought I was a “value add” to the Supplier Quality group.  (YEAH!)

A year goes by, yes, we definitely want to hire you.  You’re an asset to this team, it’s just we need to create a position for you to fill.  We have it in our budget, and we’ll be presenting the request to the Engineer in charge. (Um, Okay? When?)

6 months later, yes, we definitely want to hire you…but there’s corporate red tape, not only do we have the head engineer, but now the Vice President of Compliance needs to sign off and we hired 2 Failure Analysis people in Quality Assurance recently, so that takes from Supplier Quality.  But great job on creating processes for our group.  You Rock, let’s do lunch. (huh? WTH?)

It’s now been 2 .5 years, being the most valued of the employees and working on the most challenging of accounts, all the difficult suppliers come my way and I’m still a temp or rather “contract.”  The lazy perm workers in our group, that the managers complain about every day, receive holiday pay, vacation pay, have other benefits like insurance and 401k, and qualify for bonuses.  I get $75.00 of vacation pay from the temp agency, no paid holidays, and crappy, super expensive insurance if I want it; thank goodness my  husband’s job covers that.  $75.00 is such a slap in the face.  That’s not even a full day off, but I’m grateful for that $75.00 and will use it on some of the grocery bill.  (Hey, kids, put those fruit roll ups back, we only have enough for the milk, bread, and some fruit, maybe a box of cereal, uh, nope, put the cereal back too)


10 thoughts on “You’re HIRED- some undetermined day in the future

    1. I think more companies are using contract/temp help so they don’t have to pay any benefits (401K, insurance, vacation, bonus)- get rid of people in a second notice without lawsuit, I’m guessing no unemployment fees for them… because you work for an agency and they get you another job. There are tons of commercial buildings in Irvine. I’m North Irvine/Spectrum area/Lake Forest/Bake-Irvine Blvd.. Are you near John Wayne airport (more Jamboree/McArthur/Culver) area? I used to be over there, but too crowded- we migrated South. I told my agency I wanted to work “across-the-street” or Irvine Spectrum. I got it, but it’s limited.

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    2. I’m in the JMC area. I was in Lake Forest (off Bake), but oh! The commute was toasting me.

      This whole contracting model is new to me. I did what I had to in light of the commute, but … I just don’t know.


    3. They aren’t getting any closer to hiring me. In fact, they created positions for two other people in Quality Assurance, as Failure Analysis Engineers… and I work in Supplier Quality (we audit our suppliers) and there’s no technical position for me to move into- they have to create one- so the FA engineers get hired on full time and I’m still there 2.5 years later looking at it being this way for 5 years or so… then you start out at the bottom. Those who get more vacation time at 5 or 10 years, the person who goes temp to hire, they don’t count those prior years they worked. So, I’m basically giving up on the job. I’m just working until they say “no more” or we finally move states. We’re traveling this summer so that will probably end the job.


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