A beacon of Thought

Sometimes it is so difficult to get our 11-year-old to work.  Currently, we have him going to a psychologist for “testing.”  We suspect short-term memory might be the issue.  So, it’s a challenge to get homework completed, especially now that math is multiple steps for one problem.  Today was especially frustrating because our son just wouldn’t engage in homework or any thinking tasks.

After an hour of math, and only a couple of problems completed, my  husband stated, “I really wish there were a light thatBoy with light beacon on head would go on above his head so I can see that he’s actually thinking or working the problem and not just sitting there.”

Me:  “Like one of those city vehicles – trucks with the orange lights on top.  Light spins as it’s working?  The Problem is under construction?”

Husband:  “Or like the hour-glass or spin thingy on the computer indicating it’s pulling data?  That way if something is not working, I know to reboot?”

Me:  “Escape… Escape/Escape/Escape   Ctrl Alt Delete.  Yeah, that would be nice.”

But then, if that applied to everyone, we adults would be in BIG trouble with our bosses because they’d be looking over our heads to see if we were thinking.  And we know that most of the workforce doesn’t “think,” because  everyone complains what idiots there are in the world.  The light would be a dead-give-away,   “Oh, it’s not flashing, pull the beacon report.  Show me the bar graph for the last week on thinking activity.”  OR “You had to think about that one… (sucking in air through teeth with grimace)…that was a no-brainer, dude?” (and yes, more than likely, they would be referring to me)  The jig would be up, man.

Thinking Chart



2 thoughts on “A beacon of Thought

  1. Both my kids are day dreamers with those adorable eyes staring into space.

    I bet your son’s siren would always be on… as they are always thinking of something (probably about everything other than his math homework).

    Keep it fun…and attention will undoubtedly follow.
    Good luck with the testing


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