You have Failed this city and now you must die (or not)

Any Netflix fans out there?  Pick a t.v. show you never had time to watch, and you can catch up on previous season(s), commercial free!

That’s what we are currently doing with ARROW.  Our 11 year old son is enjoying watching it with us, “…You have FAILED THIS CITY…”  Now I’m going to put an arrow in you… please forgive me in advance.guy shot with arrow

We were laughing today, because the 2nd season brought back someone we thought was, well, dead.  Apparently, not everyone dies.  They have fooled us 3x now- they are dead…ummmm, no, that character just reappeared and  my husband yells “What is this a soap opera?”

Which got me to thinking about how odd the word “soap opera” is- how did that come about… it’s telling a story like soap bubblesan Opera does, minus the singing?  Where does the “soap” part come from?  Do we all feel dirty after watching an episode and it requires a shower and huge lathering of soap?  Cuz let me tell you, I’ve heard people talking about taking “cold showers.”  So… my thought process is logical.

It’s such a strange term, that I can’t stop thinking about it…so I GOOGLED and came across “yahoo answers,” which is people just throwing things out there that could totally be bogus, sometimes very amusing, and sometimes seems accurate.

I liked what this guy wrote, seems very likely this is true:

Soap Opera


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